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    Things that men may not know about women.

      Things that men may not know about women. (The use of men and women is used for simplicity and no offence is meant for other genders. Which ever gender you identify with, there are things here you will relate to) Advice for MEN! Please bear in mind that the following is a generalisation and of course there are the exceptions and where roles may reverse.    I defy anyone who says different genders are the same. Men and women are poles apart and whoever our maker was, did not do a great job aligning the together, for example: A man creates testosterone when he is angry – women do…

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    Secrets About Sexual Relationships

    For partners in a heterosexual relationship but does not exclude others.  Generalisations apply and of course there will be exceptions. Hormones are not always responsible for a high sexual appetite, in males or females. As a sex therapist my clients will often complain that their sexual appetites differ so much so that it is ruining their relationship. When asked if they are making love or having sex the response is often one of confusion. Q What’s the difference between having sex and making love. Talking about appetites, having sex is like snacking on a bag of crisps – tastes good but it takes seconds to eat and easily forgotten –…

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    How Can I Tell That My Partner Is Having An Affair?

        ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive’.                     Sir Walter Scott   PREFACE The following is purely experiential, based on 34years counselling people who are having or have had affairs. Therefore, any statistics or opinions quoted are my own.   WHAT IS AN AFFAIR? Affairs are relationships outside of marriage or intimate partnerships where an illicit, romantic or sexual relationship or passionate attachment occurs. Affairs are commonly described as; infidelity, cheating, adultery, a mistake, one-off, extramarital affairs, a fling, dalliance, affairs of the heart, an indiscretion, meaningless act and many more expressions. It is…

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    I am not happy in our relationship … How can I communicate it?

    Many ways to communicate: Speech Facial expressions Body language Eye contact What is not said Silence We pick up all kinds of messages through body language and sometimes this medium is more truthful that actual words. Body language is usually done on a sub conscious level where as speech is more often conscious. We can lie much more easily with words than we can with body language. We filter our listening: We hear things through a barrier; this barrier can be called our conditioning which evolves through our family values, norms, emotions, belief systems etc.  We hear things which we want to hear or sometimes which we particularly do not…

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    Child Guidance for Divorce or Separation

     ‘How Children May React to Divorce or Separation’ Copywrite Josephine L Easterbrook. © According to The UK has the highest level of family instability in the entire developed world. Our epidemic levels of family breakdown were highlighted in a recent international analysis by the Social Trends Institute. Yet as a nation, we seem to be completely unaware of what is happening to us. Our analysis at Marriage Foundation confirmed that a quarter of all our two-year-olds and nearly half, 45 per cent, of all teenagers are not living with both natural parents. In hard numbers, that equates to a fresh cohort of 300,000 children every single year who’ll conclude their GCSEs…

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    Signs you have relationship problems

    It is normal for relationships to suffer as the pressure and strains of everyday life mount. Love may disappear, replaced by resentment and anger. Each partner can view this differently depending on their own experience of family life. One may despair, while the other may view it as a temporary blip. Where a couple has attached hastily – in response to a passion, pregnancy or other need, disappointments can surface and fester when the excitement subsides. Renegotiating, with a skilled counsellor, can help build a more realistic and deeper relationship. communication breaks down sex has ended or causes problems arguments continue without resolution Anger or violent eruptions nagging depression or…