Work with me



Are you:

Wanting to speak to someone urgently and tired of being told you are on a waiting list? Sometimes a double waiting list and don’t want to wait for an appointment?

Need some support or guidance?

Relationship in trouble?

Shocking news of an affair?

Traumatised through eg: Rape, act of Anger, accident, violence, adiction or any other shocking news.

Childhood abuse that has finally come to the surface.

Feeling panicky, afraid, confused, angry, sad, devastated, worried, shocked, depressed, lost, lonely or just uneasy?

You are gay and afraid you will not be accepted or listened to.

Cannot sort out contact or residence for the children?

Want help to pass counselling assignments?

Cannot find a tutor to run a course?

Not happy sexually?

Low self-esteem?

Then you have come to the right place!


Some issues I work with:

  • Preparation for: Pre-co-habitation, pre-marital, pre-natal or pre-divorce.
  • Reconciliation or separation
  • Life skills
  • Sexual problems – for couples or singles
  • Rape or Sexual abuse (past or present) – is it affecting your relationship
  • Violence
  • Anger issues/management
  • Physical abuse (past or present) – it could be affecting your relationship
  • Affairs – they do not just happen, there is usually a reason
  • Keeping your relationship going- you do have to work at it
  • Trying to keep everyone happy
  • Should I go or should I stay?
  • Will I cause damage to the kids?
  • General guidance
  • Parental guidance
  • Divorce / Separation guidance
  • Want to talk something through for clarity or make important decisions.
  • Want help and guidance to decide the next move
  • Explore past or current issues, or future events
  • Need to resolve difference with someone – family member not getting on with another etc?
  • Think your ‘going mad’ or maybe your partner has said that you are
  • Not sure if you are still ‘in love’
  • Feel stuck or trapped
  • Don’t know how to break the news – particularly to children.
  • He/She doesn’t want sex
  • ‘He is only nice when he wants sex’
  • We repeat the same old patterns
  • Is change possible and will it last?
  • Don’t want to repeat habits or patterns

So, who am I and what do I have to offer you?

I am a mature, very experienced, caring and empathic person who gets a lot of value from helping my clients develop and find happiness.  As a human being I have experienced ‘life’ and some of its frailties; I know what being counselled feels like and of how important that relationship is between you;  how scary your first crucial appointment can be and what the repercussions can be to have to wait ‘too long’ to be seen. Conversely, I know what it feels like to become ‘whole’ again and find happiness.  It was at this stage, over 30years ago, that I decided that I wanted to become a counsellor and do for others as someone had once done for me. My whole career has since been devoted to working with and studying relationships within the caring profession.

Relationship counselling can involve other issues such as loss, rejection, betrayal, domestic abuse, affairs, choice, change, trauma, other family members – the list is endless. In counselling, skills are learned and in particular communication, which is the biggest perpetrator of relationship breakdown. It is surprising what actually surfaces and how much you learn about yourself and each other once you have decided to take that first step towards recovery………..  The worst bit is making that first approach and therefore, I hope that some of the following will give you some guidance about your choices.

Because you visited this site, it is highly likely that you are looking for help, guidance and support – AND quickly;  it may be something which you feel is relatively minor or it may be something very distressing which could prevent you from thinking properly. A possible consequence might mean that it is difficult to make a decision, even about which therapist to choose and, it is very important that you do choose the right person because this is the person who has to be entrusted with some of the most delicate areas in your life. It is imperative for you to feel trust, respect and have confidence in your therapist – this will make a difference to your recovery.

What you will NOT want, I guess, is to have to wait for an appointment or to be put on a double list.

So, how do you choose the right person for you?

Diploma is the minimum qualification for 1 – 1 Counselling; Diploma for Psychosexual Therapy; Couple Counsellors have to have a different qualification of equal value. Children’s counselling is specialized, too and needs a proper qualification. Family Mediators have to be properly qualified  –  A short course in Mediation is NOT a Qualification which usually takes between 2-3 yrs.

Instinct is always a good indicator but to satisfy yourself explore before choosing your therapist by checking some things out:

Here are some of my answers to questions I might expect clients to ask.

  • All my original qualifications are on display in my room – it is important that you actually see the qualifications.
  • I have worked in excess of ten thousand practice hours
  • I have been working for 32 uninterrupted years with the exception of the occasional week or two holiday.
  • My specialism’s are: One to One Counselling, Couple Counselling, Psychosexual Therapy, Sexual Abuse/Rape, Anger Management, Family Mediation, Children Counselling. Additional Professional Development training.  Supervision for trainee and qualified counsellors. Private tuition for student counsellors.
  • My specialist subjects are anything to do with relationships from pre-co-habitation/pre-natal guidance and counselling; reconciliation; divorce and financial settlement. Sexual and Domestic Abuse.
  • My fees are: Counselling fees £45 per hour – First session will be between 1 and 1 ½ hours.
  • Psychosexual Therapy £50 or session
  • Family Mediation or Family counselling £45 or hourly session.